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Dungeons & Dragons RPG - Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants (EN)

Dungeons & Dragons RPG - Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants (EN)

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Explore the wondrous realms of giants with this supplement for the world’s greatest roleplayinggame.?

Bigby the Great recounts his journeys into the history, myth, and society of giants inthis guide to their realms in the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons. Here Bigby and the demigodDiancastra, child of the giants’ All-Father, Annam, unveil the secrets of Annam’s mightydescendants.

Players will find a wealth of giant-themed character options: a subclass forbarbarians, two backgrounds related to giants and their runic magic, and feat options that evokethe strength and primal magic of the giants. Dungeon Masters will gain inspiration for bringinggiants to life, from maps of giant-built sites and big new monsters to tremendous treasures andintriguing trinkets in a giant’s bag!

Let Bigby and Diancastra teach you everything about theiconic giants of D&D!

Delves into unrevealed giant lore, including anoverview of the hierarchical structure of the ordning and giants’ religion, and ideas about giants’organizations and societies across the multiverse.
Adds giant-themed player character optionswhere adventurers can evoke the glory of giants with 1 new barbarian subclass, explore the vastworld of giants with 2 new backgrounds, and unlock 8 new feats to unleash runic magic and wieldelemental power.
Displays a wondrous collection of 30+ magic items, including 3 illustriousartifacts.
Offers a plethora of tools for Dungeon Masters including lair maps, adventure hooks,encounter tables, treasures, and giant roleplaying inspiration.
Presents a giant bestiary! Morethan a third of the book is devoted to monster descriptions, lore, and stat blocks. Discover avibrant ecosystem filled with new giant kinds, 70+ new monsters, and other enormous creatures.

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